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Online Lifeguard Training Course
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On APRIL 8, 2002 - Ellis & Associates (E&A) and Jones and Bartlett Publishers released of the first international online lifeguard training course. Since that time, the online lifeguard training course has grown incredibly, and is used by tens of thousands of new lifeguards and those completing refresher training for Jeff Ellis & Associates.
This innovative online training program, Lifeguarding Online provides a means of reaching more individuals wishing to become lifeguards and provides an internationally standardized training program that can quickly be modified as advances in the field of aquatics necessitate change. This ensures the most up-to-date information is being distributed to lifeguard trainees and aquatic supervisors in the most timely manner.
But Lifeguarding Online does even more. It enables aquatic facilities worldwide to provide an alternative to traditional lifeguard education, which can save time and money, while providing an engaging training program that focuses on critical decision-making. It also enables lifeguard instructors to devote their attention to the skills and actions lifeguards need to have when faced with emergencies. Built with Flash ™ technology, this program provides rich photography, illustrations, animation, and video, and has already been awarded Macromedia's prestigious "Site of the Day."
Lifeguarding Online includes four modules that represent the knowledge components of the lifeguarding class, and introduce lifeguard candidates to the various skills. Actual skills training is a separate component of the course taught by Jeff Ellis & Associates lifeguard instructors. The four modules and the approximate time needed to complete each module is as follows:
  • Professional Rescuer CPR - 2 ½ hrs (Reflects the most current ECC and CPR Guidelines)
  • First Aid - 2 hrs
  • Lifeguarding - 2 hrs
  • Simulations - ½ hr
After completing all modules, a secured 50-question final written exam is provided. Once lifeguard candidates successfully complete all four modules and the written exam online, they move on to the physical skills of lifeguarding with their Jeff Ellis & Associates instructors.
Once again,Jeff Ellis & Associates is leading the way with lifeguard education. Anyone age 15 or older can enroll in a course. Users follow a few easy steps once they log in. Access keys are available for individual or group purchase. To preview this course and learn more, go to
Jeff Ellis & Associates provides international aquatic safety consulting, lifeguard training, and risk management services for aquatic-related facilities. Founded in 1983, the firm has risen in the aquatic safety industry to enjoy a standard-setting reputation for accountability, service, excellence, and innovative training. Jeff Ellis & Associates is committed to leading the aquatic industry in safety innovations, elevating the Standard of Care for aquatic facilities, and reducing the number of life-threatening aquatic-related incidents. Lifeguarding Online is one of these standard setting innovations.
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc., headquartered in Massachusetts, is an innovative U.S. publisher, focusing on complete instructional programs that include text and multimedia products for academic and community markets. Through its partnerships which prestigious national organizations including Jeff Ellis & Associates, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American College of Emergency Physicians, Jones and Bartlett has become the recognized leader in the emergency care field.
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